• Frosted Clear

    • Frosted clear. You will see all colors and product levels while adding a frosty look and feel.
    • Matte, frosty surface
    • Black print
  • Amber

    • Translucent amber. Masks colors of products while allowing you to see how much is left.
    • Reflective surface
    • Gold print
  • Gray

    • Translucent gray. Masks colors of products inside while allowing you to see how much is left.
    • Reflective surface
    • Black print
  • Ultimate Versatility

    Same bottles as our 16 oz printed bottles. Use them for any household liquid and keep a coordinated look throughout your home.

  • Label Your Way

    Our unprinted bottles welcome any self-labeling you like. Choose Bottiful Home labels, your own or no labels at all for a sleek, simple appeal.

  • Your Favorite Shades of Neutral

    Choose any of our neutral shades to compliment your style. All our refillable bottles are designed to be functional pieces of your home decor.

  • Easiest Refills

    No funnels needed! With a 1.75" opening, you be relieved to see how easy they are to refill.

  • Get Every Last Drop

    The dip tubes on our bottles reach all the way to the bottom, so you always get access to all the contents.

  • Won't Tip Over

    We design the most stable refillable bottles so they'll never tip over while pumping, even when nearly empty.

  • Thick Foamy Soap

    Thick, luxurious foam can be yours. Our foaming pumps create the thickest, bubbliest foam while saving you money on soap.

  • Designer Style

    Our unique bottles are designed in-house to become part of your decor. The look of specialty glass with the safety of plastic at the sink.

  • Save 80% on Liquid Soap

    You only need about 2-3 oz of liquid soap in these generous 14 oz bottles. Fill the rest with water. So you'll be saving a lot of money on liquid soap!