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2 Replacement Adhesive Strips for Shower Caddies

2 Replacement Adhesive Strips for Shower Caddies

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These replacement adhesive strips are sold in sets of 2 strips only. They are the same adhesive strips that were originally included in your Bottiful Home shower caddy set.

Each strip is 10.5" long and 2.75" tall with 3 double hooks to secure your caddies. The adhesive is strong and can hold up to 15 pounds on each strip and can also be removed with the heat from a hair dryer if you move, change your mind or make a mistake.

LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE (first come, first served)

How to install:

  • Use on flat surfaces only such as tile, glass, mirror
  • Clean area well with alcohol, allowing to dry thoroughly
  • Remove backing from adhesive strip and press onto clean surface, using a level if desired to ensure level baskets
  • Press adhesive onto wall starting from the middle outward, ensuring you remove all visible air bubbles from the adhesive and ensuring the hooks are open-end-up
  • Allow to fully expand and adhere for 24 hours
  • Place basket onto all 3 hooks on strip by snapping in each one
  • Load up baskets with up to 10 pounds of bottles, decor and accessories and enjoy!


All our plastic refillable bottles are made from PET plastic. It's the most environment-friendly plastic, easily recyclable, non-toxic and BPA-Free

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