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2 Twist-On Plastic Funnel Set

2 Twist-On Plastic Funnel Set

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  • [MANY HOME AND KITCHEN USES] – Common uses: transfer liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, powders, sauces, household chemicals from larger to smaller containers. Threaded design fits 24/410 and 28/410 threaded bottles.
  • [SAFETY FIRST] - Food-grade Polypropylene Plastic (PP) plastic funnel set – Made in the USA, FOOD-grade SAFE, heat resistant to 250 degrees F, durable, dishwasher safe, chemical resistant, long-lasting
  • [HANDS-FREE FILLING] – Threaded funnels for home and kitchen use fit many small (3 oz) to medium (32 oz) household and kitchen bottles from such as soap and lotion bottles, shampoo and conditioner bottles, household spray bottles, SOME water bottles, and many other bottles. No funnel balancing needed. Just screw-on funnel and fill bottles with no worries of tipping!
  • [VERSATILE, EASY, TIME-SAVING DESIGN] – Wider opening at the dispensing end allows faster flow of liquids, powders, lotions, and gels so you can spend less time refilling and more time do things you enjoy!
  • [OTHER USES] – Transfer DIY oils, gels, liquid soaps. Spa and salon - transfer from large to small bottles. Pharma - transfer small items into bottles. Food service - transfer sauces and liquids from larger to smaller containers.


All our plastic refillable bottles are made from PET plastic. It's the most environment-friendly plastic, easily recyclable, non-toxic and BPA-Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Donna Hansen (Florida)
Glad I ordered

I really like the look of the labeled bottles in my shower area. They give it a finished and consistent appearance.

Heather Henderson (Texas)
Works well!

The fiunnels were so easy, transferring my shampoo into a new shampoo bottle

Catherine Watson


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