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Here's everything you want to know about the pumps on your new refillable bottles.

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    • Lotion pumps for thick liquids
    • No contact spring (spring doesn't come in contact with liquid)
    • Locking mechanism (either twist-to-lock or up/down locking feature)
    • Neck clips (prevents pumping during transport)
    • Long dip tubes reach all the way to bottom of bottle
    • Drip-free, clog-free experience
    • Dyed plastic, not painted (no color wear over time)
    • Satisfaction guarantee (we will replace or refund any defects)
  • How do I unlock my pumps?

    There are two ways to unlock your Bottiful Home pumps. Find out what they are in this video and see how easy it is once you know!

  • How do I face my pump toward the front (or wherever I want them) while keeping them unlocked?

    You bought those refillable bottles thinking they would look as tidy and organized as the picture. Then you filled them and placed the pumps inside only to find that the pumps won't face the front of the bottle without locking up. How disappointing. Better send them back right? Wrong! You absolutely can face the pumps in any direction you want! Watch this video to find out how.

  • How much soap does my pump dispense?

    All our pumps are designed to put out a specified amount of liquid with each press of the pump. They're flow controlled by their design. Our 16 ounce bottles are designed to output 2 cc with each press, and our 24 ounce bottles will dispense 4 cc with each press. Watch the video to see what those amounts look like in your hand.

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