Refillable Body Wash Bottle by Bottiful Home is the Most Versatile for Using In the Shower, Bathroom and Home

Refillable Body Wash Bottle by Bottiful Home is the Most Versatile for Using In the Shower, Bathroom and Home

Body Wash By Any Other Name Smells Just As Sweet

I’ve seen the liquid shower soap we use to clean our bodies called several different things, depending on who you ask, what it’s made of, what part of the country you’re in, and just personal preference.

I know it as body wash.

You may know it as shower gel.

Or liquid soap.

Or shower wash.

Or something else entirely.

Before I started selling refillable bottles, I did some research.

I found that some women really wanted a refillable bottle that looked more beautiful than drugstore bottles, just like me.

And they were trying to do it themselves in a DIY version, just like I was.

So I knew I was on to something.

But there was something peculiar I noticed in all the Pinterest pins and blog posts.

Naming the different hair care products was not uniform or predictable.

Most women call shampoo shampoo.

Some women call it hair wash or No.1 (as in, the first product you use on your hair).

Yeah, I was surprised by that last one too.

But the most variety of naming shower products is with body wash.

So I had some decisions to make.


Settling On Versatility Over Specificity in Naming the Body Wash Refillable Bottle

I could just name my third bottle “body wash” since I went with the simple “shampoo” and “conditioner” for the first two bottles.

But I really wanted to build in some flexibility with the third bottle.

I wanted you to be able to use it for a number of different things so I could offer the ultimate flexibility in the refillable shower bottle set.

So I decided to place a label on that third bottle that was just the word “wash”.

When used alongside the “shampoo” and “conditioner” bottles, it’s obvious you have your body wash in it.

But if you don’t use liquid body wash in your shower, you can also place the wash bottle by your sink and put your hand wash in it.

Or you can put your face wash in it.

Or you can even place your puppy wash in it!

The wash bottle is quite versatile in possible uses, and it makes it worth the value to get all three bottles when you realize you have lots of options on how to use the third bottle, even if you don’t use liquid soap in the shower.

frosted clear shampoo, conditioner, wash bottles filled with light blue liquid on counter puppy in bath with refillable wash bottle filled with puppy shampoo  woman in tub w refillable shampoo, conditioner, wash bottles on tub edge

Refillable Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles Also Available Separately

But, of course, if you really don’t need body wash, face wash, puppy wash or hand wash in a refillable bottle that matches your shampoo and conditioner bottles, then I do also offer the shampoo and conditioner bottles as a two-bottle set as well.

Bottiful Home is a brand that was built based on your needs and with your home décor in mind.

And I’ve added as many neutral color, size and design options as I’ve been able to offer with the resources available.

refillable frosted clear shampoo, conditioner bottles white background gray refillable shampoo, conditioner bottles white background amber refillable shampoo, conditioner bottles white background

Refillable Shower And Kitchen Bottles Designed Based on Your Feedback

When I started selling refillable bottles for the shower back in 2017, I was designing them based on what I liked, what I was able to source, the research I had performed and what I was guessing you might like.

Back then, I had one set of amber bottles with black and white waterproof labels, and there was no body wash bottle.

It was just shampoo and conditioner.

As I sold these sets of bottles, I read the reviews, I received your emails and I engaged with customer inquiries.

I received your feedback with open arms.

I listened to requests.

And I learned what you wanted.

But the learning isn't over.

Times change.

Resources change.

And your decor might change.

I plan to continue adding more options when resources make it possible.

So go ahead and leave a comment below if you have a request for anything specific that you haven’t been able to find in my catalog.

Want a refillable bottle in a specific color?

Need a refillable bottle with a certain label?

Tell me about it!

I would love to hear what you want in refillable bottles, and I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.

After all, that's what I'm here for!

Leave a comment below or fill out the email form on the right of the screen.

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Refillable Body Wash Bottle by Bottiful Home is the Most Versatile for Using In the Shower, Bathroom and Home


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