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  1. What's Included In Your Kit
  2. How To Use Your Kit
  3. Printable Measuring Tape For Measuring Bottle Diameters
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    • 1 - 20/400 threaded cap
    • 1 - 20/410 threaded cap
    • 1 - 24/400 threaded cap
    • 1 - 24/410 threaded cap
    • 1 - 28/400 threaded cap
    • 1 - 28/410 threaded cap
    • 1 - 33/400 threaded cap
    • 1 - 38/400 threaded cap

    These cap sizes are the most commonly used in household and personal care products. From lotions and soaps to household cleaners and warehouse club personal and household bottles these sizes represent the most common. Please note that specialty bottles for things like gallon, half gallon, water bottles, condiments and spices will likely not be represented among these caps. And you won't find a pump or cap to fit those bottles except the ones specifically made for that type of bottle.

  • Step 1

    Open your kit and notice the sticker on top of each cap indicating the threading dimensions on the top of the cap. Keep these stickers in tact for future use.

  • Step 2

    Try each cap on your bottle until you find the one that fits. The caps in this kit are standard sizes only and range from 20mm threading to 38mm threading. If none of these caps fit your bottle, your bottle is non-standard and you will likely not find a replacement pump or cap without contacting the manufacturer of your bottle.

  • Step 3

    Use the threading measurement to purchase any cap, pump or closure for your bottle. Keep the kit for future use! If you find a pump or cap that you like and it doesn't show the threading dimensions, you can either contact the seller of the pump or cap or look for a reputable distributor online.

    We recommend the following reputable USA distributors for precision replacement pumps and caps. Once you know your threading measurement from your kit, you can use it at any of these websites to find a pump or cap that meets your needs:

    US Plastic
    Berlin Packaging

    We do offer replacement pumps for the bottles we sell. If you need replacement pumps for a Bottiful Home bottle, scroll down for options. We don't currently offer a wide stock of replacement pumps, but if we stock them in the future, we will update this page with that information.

    • Print on 8.5"x11" paper in portrait view
    • Cut measuring tape around border
    • Use to measure
    • Save for later or discard as needed
    Print Measuring Tape 
  • Printable Measuring Tape

    This measuring tape is in mm, which is the measurement you need to properly fit your new cap or pump to your bottle. While most metric measuring tapes will measure in centimeters, we've converted the entire tape to millimeters for you so you don't have to remember 2 centimeters is 20 millimeters when measuring.

    Keep in mind that millimeters are a very small measurement and difficult to manually judge with precision. but you should be able to easily tell the difference between 20mm and 24mm or 24mm and 28mm, which is the difference between standard sizes typically.

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