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24 oz Wholesale Plastic Refillable Wide-Mouth Pump Bottle Dispensers-full case-48 bottles

24 oz Wholesale Plastic Refillable Wide-Mouth Pump Bottle Dispensers-full case-48 bottles

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Introducing Bottiful Home's 24 oz Plastic Refillable Wide Mouth Jar-Style Pump Bottle Dispenser Set of 4, the ultimate solution for your household liquids!

Whether you're looking for refillable bottles solutions for your short-term rental or you're looking to resell on your own website or another marketplace, Bottiful Home refillable bottles will make your life easier and more beautiful.


12 sets of 4 PET plastic wide mouth dispenser bottles (total of 48 bottles) with black lotion soap pumps for high-viscosity liquids and black plastic lids. Each bottle is 3.5" diameter and 8.5" tall with the pump fully extended.


These 24 oz. PET plastic bottles feature a wide, squat design to ensure stability when pumping. They won't tip over when you use them! These bottles come fully assembled and ready to fill and use right out of the box.

You can buy any brand shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, hand soap, and any other personal care or household liquid in bulk and keep it in your supply closet while providing a beautiful, more customized amount of product for your guests and employees. These bottles allow you to: 1) mix and match brands of soaps, shampoos and conditioners without concern over mismatched packaging making the shower look unattractive, 2) save money on less expensive soaps if you want, 3) save money on soap when you buy in bulk and transfer smaller amounts to our refillable bottles for your guests to use.

All our color options are translucent for easy viewing when refills are needed, and are neutral enough to complement any decor style and color scheme. The colors match exactly with the colors of our printed bottles so you can outfit an entire home, room, apartment or office with the same high-functioning bottles.

Your house manager or cleaning staff will have no problems noticing when the bottles need to be refilled, so no more complaints from guests or employees that the soap was empty.

The opening on these bottles is 1.75" wide so they're easy to refill straight from any container of bulk soaps, without requiring precision pouring or funnel assistance.


Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, these thick, non-squeezable high-viscosity soap bottles are both safe and durable, making them an ideal choice for everyday use. Your guests will love how beautiful they are, how easy they are to use, and how reliable they are. You will love how they make your short term rental space more appealing to guests while saving money on liquid soaps.


All our plastic refillable bottles are made from PET plastic. It's the most environment-friendly plastic, easily recyclable, non-toxic and BPA-Free

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Wipe with damp cloth. No abrasives. For best results, screw down both lid and pump securely, ensuring dip tube is free from hump in bottom of bottle.

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